Montenegro event location

Event Location in Montenegro

Unique Event Location in Montenegro. Find out why the Montenegro Tower is the perfect location for anyone looking to escape the urban area and looking for a unique event location in Montenegro.

News 7

Regular events

Now that the bar has been opening up it’s doors in our pre-opening phase, we also started to set up regular events. Have a look at our Event page for future updates of further weekly events as well as special events. More is planned and you can let us know in the comments below what kind of events you would like to see in the future.

new years eve event

New Year’s Eve opening event

Due to various reasons, we have decided to move the bar pre-opening to a very special day on this years New Years eve! There is some more time needed to get everything ready and for a well-deserved holiday, check out this post on the details and let us know in the comments if you already have plans for this years New Years eve in Montenegro!

News 5

Details on pre-opening this year

In exactly one month from now, we plan to open our doors in a pre-opening phase with the house finished. There is still a lot to do for the full opening on March 1st next year and this post will give you some insights on what to expect.

News 4

Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the brand new Montenegro Tower website! Take a moment to read about all the timelines and browse through the new sections for each of the three main pillars of the tower: Live music bar, Coworking space & lodging.