Details on pre-opening this year

Opening details

Montenegro Tower pre-opening & full opening details

In exactly one month from now on October 22nd, we are planning to open our doors for the pre-opening phase in the newly built house, featuring a small bar serving drinks and snacks. Please note that the construction will continue during winter and spring for our full opening in may next year and hopefully this post will give you some more clarity on what to expect and look forward to. Also make sure to check out our overview page for a visual representation.


As of today (September 22nd), we are about two weeks away from finishing the small house. If there are no bigger delays between the current work (painting and putting in the ceramic floor and wall tiles) and the final steps, there should be enough time to get all the furniture delivered and open just on time. Since we are in Montenegro, delays are always possible and we might have to open a few weeks later. Once open, there will be a small bar available with TV, seating for around 12-15 people on three tables and a sofa corner as well as two toilets and 200Mbit WiFi. We will have a guitar, board games, a Nintendo Switch and a table tennis table. The drinks menu will be updated a few days before the opening day on the bar page.

Some wooden outdoor benches and a pergola are already in production and will be added to the outdoor areas. Please be aware that construction work will be happening during until the bar opens at 5pm. So you might see some materials related to that stored around on the property. If you plan to use the bar for the discounted coworking rates, please get in touch with us for details after reading this page. You can expect another update in around two weeks on the Facebook event, so make sure to follow the progress there in case you are interested to come over. It is recommended not to fly in from further away for this as we cant guarantee that everything is ready for the pre-opening on October 22nd. Better plan for spring next year with more features available:


After the pre-opening, we will continue working on the property. The main task will be to renovate the tower stone house building as well as finishing up more stone walls and terraces. Later on in spring, we will also add the wooden cabins and swimming pools as well as the outdoor gym, getting everything ready for the full opening on May 1st 2023. During this transition phase in the winter and spring, you can already come by and enjoy the small bar and the very spacious outdoor area. Thats it for now, we hope to welcome you soon πŸ™‚

Montenegro Tower Opening Event

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    • And I am looking forward to share it! After all the time Ive put in, it will be so nice to present it to the public πŸ™‚ But still lots to do till the full opening next year and Ive got more plans even beyond that. But for now, lets look forward to the bar opening and everyone being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery!


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