The second Montenegro Tower video received a comment from a viewer asking if he could support the project by donating 500€ for a small tree with his name on it.
He wanted to help out and watch his tree grow over the years and we loved the idea so much to make it an option for everybody in below tiers.

All the details are explained below and everything is optional. Even without any further donors, we will buy all the trees and benches to make the Montenegro Tower as awesome as possible. But if you would like to help out and get your name added, then this is your chance to leave a lasting impact! Thanks a bunch 🙂

Plant a tree

The actual time of planting a tree will depend on the best season to do so, a team of gardeners will advice us on that. For big trees or olive trees, you will get your name and the date of planting the tree added on a plaque and we can optionally also do some Instagram stories for you when you don’t have the chance come visit in person to see the progress.

Plant a tree and support the project!

Plant a tree

If you are interested, simply donate via PayPal and send us a message

50€: We will buy berries or vegetables for the garden and plant in your honour. As they are small, no name plaque will be added. We would love to get a lot of strawberries, cherries, grapes, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and everything useful for the kitchen such as herbs and vegetables.

100€: Help us plant small fruit tree such as Oranges, apricots, peaches, nectarines, apples or plums. Those are just some examples of fruits we could use more of as we already have a lot of pomegranate and fig trees on the property.

300€: For this amount, you will be able to purchase a big tree with your name plaque. We can figure out which one to choose together and find a nice spot for it. Also happy to post some Instagram stories with your account tagged in it!

500€: A high donation of this sort would get your name added to a young olive tree. They take a long time to grow and after around 5 years we can hopefully harvest some fresh olives to share in the future. We can provide story updates via Instagram if you like.

800€: You can also help us getting an older olive tree. These have very impressive looking roots and can get expensive. We will try to find one that will fit best into the rest of the landscape. Comes with optional Instagram stories of course.

1000€: For this amount, we will get a nice custom-made wooden bench and put your name plaque on it. Next to your name, we can also add a slogan that you like and live by if it fits on the plaque. It’s the highest support tier for the project and you will get 10% discount off all drinks in the tower bar for life as a thank you!