Montenegro Coworking


Coworking space

DAILY 07:00 – 21:00


In today’s working environments around the world, the importance of Coworking spaces for Digital Nomads and Expats has become increasingly important. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many firms and companies to allow their employees working from home, whereas “home” could often be pretty much any place they so choose. The main advantages for Digital Nomads working in a proper Coworking space are to connect with others, draw inspirations and be in an environment that still feels like work without any of the distractions at home. Your productivity will benefit from the quiet space!

Montenegro Tower Coworking space amenities

200 Mbit WiFi

Quiet location

Free coffee & tea

Great views


Happy hour


  • The Coworking space will be available in a separate newly built house on a first come, first serve basis from January 2023 with 12 available spots. Only cash and debit/credit cards will be accepted. You can pay in advance to reserve a seat for yourself for up to a month, see below for pricing.
  • The main tower building will be in renovation until May 2023. Once done, there will be more space, cool extras such as sound-proof phone booths and a proper online booking system to reserve your space in the Coworking area as well as a printer and scanner to use for everybody.
  • Opening hours for the Coworking will be daily between 07:00 – 21:00. Note that the bar will open at 15:00 as well. For the full opening in summer 2023, we will have more space to spread out to accommodate digital nomads working in different time zones around the globe.

*a discount is applied during the interim starting phase from January 2023 to May 2023 in which renovation work at the separate main tower building takes place on certain days.